In the course of the last 20 years the vasectomy has become increasingly important.

More and more men decide to have a vasectomy, this modern form of contraception, and thereby take responsibility for family planning. They see the vasectomy as alternative to the conventional “female” methods of contraception.

Men who choose to have a vasectomy do this for different reasons: It is often men who live in a stable relationship, already have children with their partner and together with her reach the decision that they don’t want any more children. Another common reason for a man to have a vasectomy is the strain put on a woman’s health by long-term use of hormonal contraceptives.

However, more and more men decide on their own that they don’t want any (more) children and view the vasectomy as the ideal way to enjoy a responsible and unburdened sexual life.

We have opened our Center for Vasectomy in 1994. Since then we have performed thousands of vasectomies. Yesterday as today, information and education is of great importance. There are still many myths and mysteries around the subject of vasectomy and itse actual medical conditions.

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Basic knowledge

The vasectomy is a simple and short surgery (without the use of a scalpel) which is performed under local anaesthesia. Together with female sterilisation the vasectomy is the most reliable method of contraception.
For this exceptionally reliable method of contraception the spermatic ducts have to be ligated.  The vasectomy bears no discernible change for the man whatsoever – neither physical nor sexual!

The ligation of the spermatic ducts also has no influence on the hormonal balance, the erectile capacity, potency, libido or ability to love.
On the contrary: The fear of an unwanted pregnancy is eliminated after a vasectomy, enabling you and your partner to enjoy a more spontaneous and liberated sexuality.

Generally every man who has reached his 25th birthday is entitled to have a vasectomy. There is no need for any other person’s consent. Men under the age of 25 are prohibited by law to have a vasectomy.

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The surgery

At our pro:woman Centre for Vasectomy we use the latest operational technique, the so-called “no-scalpel-vasectomy”. This is a knife- and incision-less technique for the ligation of the spermatic ducts during which practically no blood is spilled and no scars are left behind. Special instruments are used to bloodlessly isolate and sever the spermatic ducts.

During vasectomy the spermatic ducts are severed and ligated. Thus the sperm cells’ path is blocked, preventing them from reaching the seminal fluid inside the seminal vesicle. A re-canalisation (re-permeability of the spermatic ducts) is almost impossible then.

The required opening of the skin is small enough not to have to be sutured.

The surgery is uncomplicated and is performed under local anaesthesia (no general anaesthesia). It takes only approximately 20 minutes.

The vasectomy is the most reliable mesterilisationmannthod of contraception for men. Still, even though a vasectomy is performed flawlessly a re-canalisation (re-permeability of the spermatic ducts) can occur in very rare cases, re-establishing fertilisation. The probability of this event lies at 0.02%.

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After the vasectomy

After a vasectomy you should rest physically for a few days. Generally you are fit to resume work after the surgery.

Infertility and with it contraceptive protection is not effective right after the vasectomy.

Approximately 16 weeks after the vasectomy sperm analysis (spermiogram, microscopic examination of the ejaculate) have to be performed. Only when the ejaculate is completely free of sperm cells additional contraceptives can be dispatched for good.

Caution: The vasectomy does not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV! Only condoms can do this.

Should the wish to father a child arise at a later time, sperm cells can be extracted and stored (frozen) prior to the vasectomy. However, even after the vasectomy has already taken place, sperm cells continue to be produced and can be extracted from the epididymis at any time to induce in-vitro fertilisation.

 Just give us a call: +43 1-512 96 31 500 or send us an e-mail: info@provasektomie.at

Based on experience

The urologists at your disposal at the pro:woman Centre for Vasectomy have the long-time experience of thousands of well-performed vasectomies.

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Consultation hours

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